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Yarrow Flower Essence

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Yarrow Flower Essence

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Yarrow, a truly protective herb in many ways. In the age of our ancestors, it was known to stop bleeding of deep wounds [and, it's known for the same in these days... it’s a must in herbal first aid]. Flower essences are vibrational medicines which hold no plant material. The flower essence of yarrow aids in a similar light. When using it with intention i can help you feel protected, grounded and safe from being vulnerable. 
Product: 1 oz.

Wildcrafted Yarrow [leonurus cardiaca], 80 Proof Brandy, Spring Water

Use: 4-5 drops in mouth 2-3 times a day, or topically on chakra where it is most needed with the same dosage

More info on Yarrow Flower Essence: http://www.fesflowers.com/blog/yarrow-protection-maintaining-integrity-our-healthy-boundaries/
More info on flower essences: https://naha.org/naha-blog/making-and-using-flower-essences

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