Dandelion Days

Angelica Marie


Angelica [that’s me] is the owner, operator and queen of all everything when it comes to Dandelion Days. [Although, I DO get a steady amount of tech and emotional support from my sister, Becca. ]

With graduating from Ohio University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism - focused in Public Relations with specializations in Business + Psychology, I hit the road in an attempt to work an office job in Chicago. That? That didn't last long. Only a few months after, I set out to travel the world, surfacing creative projects of my own when the wheels weren't literally turning. About five years later, I found myself back in my original home-state of Ohio. Ah, how clear for me was it to see that I needed to return home to start a true healing process for myself. This beautiful stagnation of my body allowed me to hone in on an interest of mine that wouldn't stop flashing its face at me: plant medicine.  

While I self-study plants + mushrooms + nature on a daily basis, I began my formal education with Sage Mauer at The Gaia School of Healing in Vermont during 2017-2018 studying Sacred Plant Medicine. I plan to continue my formal studies in Clinical Herbalism with the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine in 2019. I have many big dreams on the horizon and I await my fate with hope in mind. I truly feel these nourishing plants, who are many times in our backyard, are the answers to many problems and the support many of us need, not only in our bodies - but both spiritually and mentally. I mean it when I say, I see God in every blade of grass. 

When I’m not playing with plants, I’m usually surrounded by them. I enjoy back-country hiking, swimming in fresh waters, plant dyeing and traveling to new places to do one of my most favorite things, which is meeting + learning about new people and plants.

As a reminder - I am NOT a physician of medicine and I/my products do not treat, cure or prevent any disease - I'm simply sharing a passion that has overflown my cup... and I hope that maybe you'll find that it does the same to yours.